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Elmiron lawsuit

Elmiron Lawsuit for Eye Problems

Elmiron a drug prescribed mainly to women for painful bladder problems or interstitial cystitis is at the source of dozens of Elmiron lawsuits being filed due to patients being later diagnosed with a multitude of eye problems including vision loss, night blindness, pigmentary maculopathy, blurry vision, pigmentary maculopathy and other eye problems. Recent studies indicate that taking Elmiron for more than 6 months greatly increases you odds of developing eye problems and even blindness. The maker of Elmiron, Janssen Pharmaceuticals, failed to include any warnings to the prescribing Doctors or patients regarding vision problems, blindness or macular degeneration. There has been no Elmiron recall issued by the FDA nor any additional warnings required to date either.


Elmiron Side Effects Affecting the Eyes include:

  • Loss of Central Vision
  • Taking a long time to adjust to the dark
  • Difficulty focusing on close objects
  • Dimming or darkening of vision
  • Blurry vision
  • Eye Pain
  • Irreversible Eye damage
  • Loss of Night Vision

Elmiron Lawsuit Criteria

Some of the very basic requirements to be eligible to file a Elmiron lawsuit begins with the patient having been prescribed Elmiron by a doctor for more than 6 months and the patient suffering from one currently known side effects for Elmiron. As with all drug injury cases, the lawyers will need to be able to prove the client took Elmiron. Proof of use from the dispensing pharmacy is an absolute must. In rare cases, the drug store or pharmacy has gone out of business and in those cases proof of use can be found often in the prescribing doctors records for the client.  An additional step is having proof of a known Elmiron side effect that Elmiron is known to cause. 

The legal damages in an Elmiron lawsuit include pain and suffering and mental anguish for the vision problems, loss wages in past and future, loss of enjoyment of life and possibly physical disfigurement. 

If you have suffered an Elmiron eye injury or other eye problems, call us for a Free Elmiron case review.  All cases are taken on a contingency fee basis. No Fees or Expenses Charged, Unless There is a Settlement for You. 

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